Commercial Junk Removal Services

With years of experience working with commercial businesses to remove junk, trash, and debris, The Junk Jugglers service can be trusted. Above all, we work hard to satisfy the demands of our business clients while adhering strictly to the three R’s of reuse, repurpose, and recycling. Our skilled, team will handle all of the debris with care and respect it as if it were their own residence. You can be sure that any team we deploy will be respectful, effective, and committed to working in a regulated and safe manner.

The Junk Jugglers will give an onsite quote, if you decide to go with us we will get to work taking the waste to our truck where it will be compacted to save space. After loading the waste, we’ll sweep the area to make sure nothing is left behind before transporting it to our recycling facility for sorting and donation. Since 88% of the products will be recycled or utilized again, your business may feel good about the decision you make. As always, dealing with The Junk Jugglers ensures your satisfaction.

To learn more about how The Junk Jugglers can assist you with your commercial waste, debris, and junk problems, call :1-(309) 584-5865 now.

Commercial Furniture Removal

The Junk Jugglers is available to help you get rid of all the outdated office furniture that is taking up space in your business. When they arrive at your site, our highly qualified professional furniture removal specialists will assess the work required to remove your unwanted goods and provide a free, upfront price. If the price is acceptable to you, our staff will get to work loading the furniture that has to be removed, taking care to protect your home in the process. We approach each project including the removal of furniture much like a high-end moving company would, and we anticipate the same behavior from our crews. Only the very best work is accepted at The Junk Jugglers.

All of your desks, chairs, couches, tables, filing cabinets, shelves, and other office-specific furniture will be accepted with no questions asked. Every item of furniture we collect is either recycled, donated for reuse, or donated for repurposing in accordance with our philosophy of environmental awareness, ensuring that nothing goes to our neighborhood landfills. We make every effort to prevent furniture from becoming waste since, almost more often than any other type of trash, it can often be given a second life serving the needs of others. To make an appointment with one of our qualified furniture removal experts, call 309-584-5865 right away.

Commercial E-Waste Removal & Recycling

Junk Jugglers has created our e-waste collection method to be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible because we are aware of the risks that electronic waste brings to the environment. We are aware of the enormous amount of electronic garbage produced in a metropolis of this magnitude each year and feel it is our responsibility to seize and recycle as much of the contraband as we can. In our efforts to make sure that these harmful contaminants don’t end up in our landfills and ground water, we work with associations, institutions of higher learning, and companies throughout Chicago and the suburbs.

The Junk Jugglers takes great pride in acting as an e-waste collector and recyclable in Chicago & Suburbs. We even go so far as to provide e-waste recycling bins for use on-site by businesses, schools, and workplaces. This makes it possible to dispose of gadgets quickly and safely without creating the unsightly mess that a waste bin would make. Our recycling bins will demonstrate to the general public and your team your dedication to protecting the environment and making it as simple as possible for others to do the same.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, as many as 250 million computers may have been discarded between 2000 and 2005. They predict that at least 500 million cell phones were also thrown over that time period. These figures indicate a significant amount of dangerous chemicals entering our landfills each year, but sadly, it doesn’t have to be that way. Call The Junk Jugglers at 1-(309) 584-5865 right once to arrange for a pickup of all of your commercial e-waste. You may feel good about assisting future generations by preserving the environment they will live in since we will take care of everything.

In addition to many other items, we will gladly remove from your commercial property monitors, computers, TVs, fax machines, copiers, printers, cell phones, keyboards, computer accessories, servers, CDs, wiring, disks, DVD players, CD players, MP3 players, stereos, receivers, speakers, and much more.

Commercial Trash Removal

For many years, The Junk Jugglers has worked in collaboration with businesses around Chicago & suburbs to handle all of their garbage collection requirements. We will come to your location and provide you with a competitive quote for our services without placing any obligation on you. We specialize in getting rid of things that won’t fit in your commercial dumpster. The basement, alleyways, storage spaces, and even the property’s exterior can all have their rubbish removed by us. Our family-run, full-service rubbish, trash, and debris removal business will always fulfill your demands – promise! To speak with a member of our professional staff about your commercial garbage pickup needs, call 309-584-5865.

Debris Removal for Commercial Remodeling

The Junk Jugglers take pride in our ability to adjust to the needs of our clients. Every project we take on to remove junk, trash, and debris is different, and we tackle it as such. Our experts will evaluate the customer’s needs, provide them with an honest and reasonable price, and then go to work right away fulfilling the demands they have specified. No matter where the debris is, our knowledgeable teams will remove it with care and attention to detail. When the debris is loaded, we’ll make sure the removal area is cleaned up and all the items the customer specified are dutifully removed. You can depend on us to recycle, repurpose, or reuse everything we truck away because we care about the environment. In a world where environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, your company can feel good about being ecologically responsible because less than 12% of the goods we collect end up in landfills. To find out more about our commercial remodeling & renovation waste removal services, call 309-584-5865 right away.

Eviction clean-ups in real estate and property management

The Junk Jugglers have a lot of productive relationships with landlords who own their own properties and with property management firms. We recognize that these agreements don’t always work out, and there may be instances in which hiring a reputable rubbish removal service is the only viable option. Give The Junk Jugglers a call at 1-(309) 584-5865 right away if you need anything left behind by tenants on your home removed before you can show the property again, including yard garbage, personal things, and trash. You can count on our reasonable prices and top-notch labor, and our skilled team will have your problem fixed in no time. What are you waiting for? Our estimates are free and there is no fee for you. Contact us now!

Office and Warehouse Clean-Out

Okay, so you’ve removed everything from the previous room that you wanted, but there is still a ton of debris that needs to be quickly disposed of. Do not be alarmed; The Junk Jugglers is here to assist. Nothing you think could be reused will be thrown off since our skilled team can rapidly tell what is waste and what is useful. Every project we work on reflects our dedication to protecting the environment, and we never throw away anything we collect that may be recycled, repurposed, or used again. Our skilled crew will have decided where to put each piece of waste before we leave your property, and we promise that nothing will end up in a landfill if it can be put to better use. We have one of the greatest recycling rates (88%) you’ll find anywhere because of our commitment to “green” solutions. Leave the labor-intensive lifting to the experts. To begin the clear-out process with one of our trained, helpful staff members, call (309-584-5865 right away.